Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paw Paw Marsh

Paw Paw Marsh in May of 2005
The Hoosier National Forest around French Lick, Indiana, is one of the most remote parts of the state. There are no interstates nearby (although unfortunately that will change with the I-69 extension) and the area is sparsely populated.

One weekend while visiting French Lick my wife and I looked on the map and saw Paw Paw Marsh. The Indiana Atlas and Gazetter actually had the location wrong.

The correct GPS location of the parking lot for the Marsh is Latitude: 38°34'34.31"N, Longitude 86°44'47.35"W.

Paw Paw Marsh is a unique little area – a flooded area of forest where dead trees and water plants give ample perch to birds of all variety.

This is a photo of the Marsh I took when we visited there in 2005.

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